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The report describes each PVO's mission and activities, and contains financial data that is provided by each PVO during the annual registration process. The VolAg Report contains key contact information for each PVO, including the name of its executive officer, mailing address, telephone, fax, email, and website. Instructions on how to apply for each program are contained in each solicitation. Each solicitation also includes a point of contact and contact information. PVO community and by its local partner non-governmental organizations NGOs to address critical needs in developing countries and emerging democracies.

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The primary way the Office of PVC supports its mission is through the competitive grant programs. Unless a copyright is indicated, information on this website is in the public domain and may be reproduced, published, or otherwise used without USAID's permission. If a copyright is indicated on a photo, graphic, or any other material, permission to copy these materials must be obtained from the original source.

El Salvador's New President Thinks He Can Turn The Country Around

Skip to main content. Agency for International Development. Search Fusion Enter the terms you wish to search for. Language: English Spanish. The main telephone number is I am a student majoring in International Affairs. I would like information on U. I would like to know how much the American taxpayer is giving to each country and how it is being spent.

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Where can I find information on vacancies? I am interested in knowing more about USAID study scholarships offered to international students and how to apply for them. The curriculum covers the evaluation of trauma patients, the primary and secondary surveys, priorities in resuscitation and stabilization.

Simulation cases and skill stations allow participants to practice airway management, immobilization, insertion of intraosseous lines and tube thoracostomy PTC Manual, The course took place over two days.

Gang Culture and Violence Against Women in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala

A registration fee was charged to cover the cost of flying the instructors to El Salvador. Glasswing International, a local non-governmental organization, and Hospital Nacional San Rafael provided materials including mannequins, intubation and immobilization equipment. The chest tube station was not offered during the first PTC training as the majority of the participants were surgeons with prior experience in tube thor-acostomy. A focused assessment with sonography in trauma FAST station was offered instead.

A multiple choice test written by PTC was administered before and after the training. Of those that past the post-test, 19 individuals were selected to complete an additional one day PTC instructor course. Going Forward: The PTC training is a part of a larger program assessing trauma care delivery in El Salvador and the effect on critical outcomes such as door to operating room time and mortality.

The new PTC instructors have started offering their own courses, and the su.

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  • Applying classical learning theories to quality improvement interventions among mid-level providers in Kenya. Onguka1, R. Korom2, P. Halestrap3, M. McAlhaney3, M. This ongoing pilot describes a series of interventions rooted in classical learning theories that aims to improve quality across multiple metrics for a common primary care.

    Culture of El Salvador - history, people, clothing, women, beliefs, food, customs, family, social

    Changing practice behavior of mid-level providers in Kenya provides novel insight to adult learning in Sub-Saharan Africa. As per terms of employment, all mid-level providers participants attend brief interventions led by site-affiliate physicians, which last less than 45 minutes and occur on average every months. The first intervention utilized processes from a behaviorist orientation, including a PowerPoint lecture to review a clinical practice guideline.

    The third intervention reveals locally relevant antibiotic resistance data followed by facilitated discussion. This adaptive learning process is rooted in the constructivist approach, which encourages providers to construct meaning of the data and implications for practice. Patient charts are scored before and after each intervention on a series of five metrics to evaluate desired educational outcomes of mid-level providers' guideline adherence.

    To ensure sustainability, clinical leadership will refine the onboarding process for newly hired mid-level providers using the findings of this pilot.

    watch Preliminary results show significant improvement in quality metric scores in the diagnosis and management of urinary tract infections. Monitoring and evaluation of all UTI charts will continue throughout the duration of the pilot with subsequent interventions, and then of a representative sample per provider on performance reviews.

    Going Forward: Brief theoretically-based interventions provide the basis for understanding mechanisms of learning processes among mid-level providers in Sub-Saharan Africa. The educational interventions utilized in this pilot move from passive transfer of facts to activ. An orthopaedic clinic for osteomyelitis in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Past experiences and the need for further epidemiological study. Peau1, J. Wildric Hippolyte2, V. Romelus3, R. Haiti is a country in which very little data exists regarding the prevalence and morbidity associated with osteomyelitis, though anecdotal evidence suggests the burden of the disease is severe.

    Reports indicate many chronic osteomyelitis patients require prolonged inpatient treatment due to a lack of available treatment resources and may take up a hospital bed for weeks or months at a time. Developing a trauma response system in San Salvador, El Salvador Academic research paper on " Economics and business ". Similar topics of scientific paper in Economics and business , author of scholarly article — E. Oliviera, A. Heravian, E. A need to accelerate health research productivity in an African University: the case of Makerere University College of Health Sciences.

    From global partnerships to pay for performance P4P : Opportunities for achieving academic excellence in higher learning institutions in Rwanda.