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A common characteristic of folktales are that the major character of the story must overcome obstacles and challenges to get what they desire. The story of Eros and Psyche is no exception.

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Psyche is given four tasks from Aphrodite to complete before she can be considered a suitable wife for her son, Eros. One of the most common folktale stories is that of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". Grimm, 83 In the story of Psyche, Aphrodite is upset with the fact that Psyche, a measly mortal, is said to be more beautiful than her. Both Aphrodite and the Queen, full of anger and jealousy plan out their revenge on their competition. Another major parallel with these two stories is the fact that both Psyche and Snow White are put into a deep sleep in which they are only awaken by their "princes" Grimm, These many characteristics that show up through out many different tales is pure evidence that this story is much more like a folktale, than a myth.

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The Archetypal Narrative Lens in Cupid and Psyche and Ashputtle

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Cupid And Psyche Essay

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Miscellaneous Myths: Eros and Psyche