Lord of the flies mask essay

Identity defines a person and shows their true inner self. Identity consists of more than a name or physical appearance.

It describes a person without words being said. In this novel, identity plays a large role and can be seen through Piggy. This quote stated by Piggy displays how much he cares for his self respect and his identity. Piggy wanted to leave his old identity behind.

Lord of the Flies

He had felt as if he could become a new person with a different approach. Identity is shown in one by their pride, beliefs and mortality. Identity is shown in a person by revealing their true-self and how they perceive themselves and how they perceive others. The loss of identity can make one completely lose themselves. They forget where they belong and what they truly believe in.

Others began to take power of them and take over their minds and actions.

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When one loses control over their own mind, they began to take follow of others. The boys began to lose their true self and become someone completely different. The face paint serves as a mask. The mask from now on will change how Jack acts and perceives himself.

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Identity is often hidden behind the masks which lay upon ones physical appearance. In order to see past the mask, one must break through it. The importance of identity is shown in each individual. Everyone posses their own personal identity. Like stated before Hobbes and Locke had two… Words - Pages 3. Lord of the flies Essays Dystopian texts aim to raise concern about current issues in the world, by creating a futuristic result of the influx of this issue.

Golding exhibits the importance of civilisation by creating an anarchic world on an island controlled by children… Words - Pages 3. Essay on Lord of the Flies books for thousands of years.

The Symbolism of Masks in Lord of the Flies by William Golding Essay

In the story, a group of boys crash land in a beautiful and peaceful island paradise that directly resembles… Words - Pages 3. A common occurrence on the internet, mostly through social media, is cyberbullying. The rise of cyberbullying is clear. It has been reported that half of teens have been cyberbullied, 1 in 3 experiencing threats online.

According to EndCyberbullying. This is part of its appeal and popularity. A bully can even create an anonymous or new identity to hide behind, masking their previous selves like Jack did. This use of hiding behind a mask while doing harm to others is also an issue in real life, as it is present in cyberbullying.

Works Cited. Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: Penguin, Van Edwards, Vanessa. This is a great comparison. You could also relate it in a more PG way to when kids get face painted as animals and then "become" that animal. It's not a violent change, but it shows that when we alter our appearance, we change who we think we are and what we normally do. I also thought you had a really strong thesis that you consistently backed up in every paragraph. I wish that some of the quotes were a little shorter and that there was more analysis in a few paragraphs.

The quotes took up a lot of space and left little room for response. That said, even with only a few sentences, you got your ideas across really well. Great job! I really enjoyed reading your essay which is a supported by a very unique and insightful thesis. It was extremely convincing for me due to your detailed examples from the book that very closely supported the real world example of cyberbullying.

by William Golding

I thought the idea of people hiding behind masks to be mean was extremely relatable for readers and shows a lot about human behavior, afraid of confrontation. I think this is a very convincing essay because the way you explain its easier for people to bully one another when they know the other person can't do a thing about it or there doing it anonymously.

Writing an Essay about 'Lord of the Flies'

In the real world people make accounts of whatever social media just for the sake of bullying others. Your paper has convinced me that it is easy for people to harm others when they are hiding behind a mask because it limits their emotional connection. I feel like another example for this could be micro expressions. Masks allow us to choose how the world sees us.

Maybe only those closest to us see us as we really are. The face we give to the world lets us show — and hide — specific things about ourselves, just like Jack can hide behind the paint on his face. It needs to hide certain aspects of yourself while selecting other aspects to display. Illustrate your mask based on the character traits of the person who you selected.

Jack, Ralph, Piggy, Simon, Roger, etc. Steps: 1. What do the shapes represent? If you have used any What do the colors represent? Do the materials leaves, feathers, glitter, etc. When do people wear masks? Why do they? What do the masks give them, or how do the masks change them? You will be discussing yourself and the character from Lord of the Flies that you have selected. Choose three different characteristics of that person and write about each one. How do you use your mask? What do these masks show or hide?

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Analyze their transformation. Make sure you use a minimum of one quote from the character that you selected. He knelt, holding the shell of water. A rounded patch of sunlight fell on his face and brightness appeared in the depths of the water.

He looked in astonishment, no longer at himself but at an awesome stranger. He spilt the water and leapt to his feet, laughing excitedly. Beside the mere his sinewy body held up a mask that drew their eyes and appalled them.