Master thesis on parental involvement

Different types of parental involvement were assessed, including volunteering, home involvement, attending parent classes, school political involvement, talking to staff, talking to teachers and etc.

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The data were collected by parental involvement questionnaire scores and by academic performance grades. The sample was included boy students in Tehran.

Omani Parents’ Involvement in Their Children’s English Education

Overall, the results indicated that those who did the self-report survey, went to the parent class, or were involved in more home-type involvement such as checking child's programming, talking whit child at home about classroom, lessons and friend topics, or engaging in educational activities outside of school and etc. It is hoped that the results of this study will give parents and educators a better understanding of how particular kinds of parental involvement affects children's performance.

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  7. After analysis, the qualitative data revealed non-English speaking Latino parents participate in the education of their children by advising, communicating, monitoring, supporting and motivating their children at home. In addition, it revealed that these parents do not participate in formal parent involvement activities because they find no value in them since they do not meet their needs.

    Parents reported not feeling welcomed by teachers because the communication between teacher and parent is limited and almost absent even when parents show up to events at school. Schools need to find ways to make school events worthwhile for non- English speaking Latino parents, if they want these parents to engage with teachers and school leaders.

    We can speak for ourselves: Parent involvement and ideologies of Black mothers in an urban community

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